Goan Overseas Association of Victoria - Rule Book

Become a Member!

Download our Membership Form, attach your cheque and mail it in.
We will notify you of the outcome after our next meeting.

Special Membership promotion drive

Promotion period: 01/11/2017 to 23/06/2018 Lucky draw will be held on 23/06/2017 at the Sao Joao Feast.

Who can enter the competition: New members (registered since 01/11/2017) Proposers - One entry per member proposed.


New members: First prize Coles/Myers gift card worth $100 Second prize Coles/Myers gift card worth $50

Proposers: First prize Coles/Myers gift card worth $100 Second prize Coles/Myers gift card worth $50

All members are eligible to enter this draw with the exception of committee members.

How this works. Between now and 23rd June 2018, every new member you propose will be in the draw and so will you, if you sign as the proposer. As half the year is over, the new member will pay $15 (half the annual fee for this year), + $5 (joining fee) + $30 (full year membership for F2019) = $50.00. The money must be put into the GOAV account or a cheque posted to GOAV.

A full time Student (Under 25yrs) or pensioner will pay $7.50 (half this year) + $5 (Joining Fee) + $15 (full F2019) = $27.50.

Important: If you are the proposer, make sure the form is signed by the new member and by you as the proposer. Email or post the form and advise us by email when the money has been transferred into the GOAV account.

Get involved

with family & friends in the cultural activities. Complete and mail the Expression of Interest Form.

Mailing Address


PO Box 6033
Caulfield South 3162

Note down the association's email address goav@goav.org.au
and set your email filter to accept emails from this address! We will send out flyers from this address.