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40th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Planet Saver a Winner

"Mary D'Souza, sister of our Treasurer, has been internationally acclaimed for her development reported below. She is currently in London presenting her research.

"An Australian has won an international prize for her plan to stop a 330m-diameter asteroif from hitting Earth in 2036.

Mary D'Souza, a PhD student at University of Queensland's School of Engineering won the Space Generation Advisory Council's Move An Asteroid 2008 competition.

Her plan involves using enhanced solar radiation pressure to move the asteroid off its path to Earth by wrappign it with Mylar film, "a step up from Kevlar" she said.

Ms D'Souza said a satellite could orbit the asteroid to wrap half of it in Mylar ribbon.

The ribbon would change the asteroid's surface to reflective, using solar power to move it away from sun and Earth."1

Source 1: Herald Sun, Melbourne, Saturday 23 August 2008.

Goenkar in the RAAF

Building Surveying Student - Best in Victoria

Legends of East Gippsland - Captain Sal Britto